What Jetlag Is

What happens is this: you wake up say at 6 am in New York and hop on a plane to Japan. The plane flies pretty fast and the time zones zip by until by the time you get off the plane in Tokyo, it has been 20 some actual hours. Your body thinks it is bedtime or worse (i.e., 20 hours since you last slept) while the darn clocks in Japan keep telling you it is still morning. By lunch time in Japan your body thinks it is midnight and starts acting like it is midnight only you still have the whole day between you and bed.

It gets worse, because when Japan finally agrees with you that it is bed time by the clock, your body is starting to think it must be morning. Basically day and night are reversed when you travel half way around the world and there is little you can do about it.

Here's a map of the world's time zones. Time and Date.com is also a useful guide. Finally, next time you're on Yahoo, just do a search for ‘Time in Sydney' (or wherever) and the answer will be right on the page.

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