Sleeping Aids


For adults, you may want to talk to your doctor about sleeping pills. A substance called melatonin has been used by some people to adjust quicker under jet lag; it has some serious potential to interact dangerously with other drugs so talk to your doctor. Anything that you take into your body that is strong enough to make you sleep or make you awake is serious stuff and should be taken only with the advice of your doctor. Think about it"€you're spending thousands on air tickets and hotels, so drop a few more bucks and talk sleep medicine with a real doctor, instead of reading non-prescription labels in the local “SuperDrugWorld and AutoBody Mania MegaOutlet”.


One more thing. Some travel books offer advice about giving children sleeping pills, or, giving kids some sort of cough medicine to make them sleepy. It is up to you, but we never would do this.

Sleeping pills can be dangerous things. The thought of giving our kids some cough medicine in hopes that they will be affected by the side effects does not fit with our style of parenting. If you have a child that requires some type of sedative then by all means work closely with your physician. Otherwise I'll stick with staying up all night with my wide awake kid over worrying if I did the right thing giving her some over the counter cough syrup to sleep.

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