Hit the ATM Chop Chop

I usually head straight to the ATM after I exit customs. While this used to be a slightly dicey proposition, it's gotten better over the years. I've landed in Beijing, Ecuador, South Africa and had no problems finding an ATM that would take my Bank of America card (I guess cash truly is kind).

In the U.S., ATMs might charge you a convenience fee that will vary from location to location (maybe not as much on a busy street with lots of banks, probably a lot more in a casino). I've never noticed this phenomena quite the same abroad. Certainly, your bank will charge you a fee for the transaction, but I don't recall the ATM tacking on an additional fee. I'd be curious to hear from our readers what their experiences have been.

Bank Holidays of the World is excellent at what it does—offer you a list of holidays for any country in the world, sortable by continent, country, religion (Muslim, Catholic) or date. The information is on-line in English, Italian, Russian, Swedish, French and Spanish. You can also follow links to learn what each holiday is actually celebrating. Invaluable information.

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