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There is a lot of information now on-line about choosing a car seat and using it on a plane. Try some of these web sites to get started:

  • It is not a web site but, in the U.S., you can call the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at 1-800-322-7873 for more info on car seats and air safety.
  •, has informative articles, recall lists and the serious technical stuff if you need that (ex. seat belt installation guides for mechanics in Spanish). The site is run by SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A., a national, non-profit organization dedicated to child passenger safety.
  • For advice on choosing a car seat, the American Academy of Pediatrics site is among the best. They have a very low hype factor, with lots of practical information on things like front-facing versus rear-facing seats. Also included is a check list to follow if you are buying a second hand car seat.
  • A good all around site, Twins List has a whole page devoted to car seat issues, including tips from real parents on whether it is best to bring your own or rent a car seat at your destination. Internationally you may not always have the “rent local” option, but the other tips and discussion are worth reading.
  • Lastly, Flying with Kids has a whole page all about car seats on the plane. They state that “in Europe and the UK a seat must be ECE approved – but not all airlines allow them, so check with yours before you fly. You may not use a (U.S.) Federal approved seat in the UK (or Europe) or an ECE approved seat in the US.”

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