Seat Configuration

If you have two kids and two parents, go for two and two. It does not matter so much if that means two in front of two or two next to two across the aisle. One parent sits with one child for take off, landing and meals. If one child behaves better and/or is more self-sufficient, the parents can swap mid flight to give each other a break.

This also helps if you have sang the Rugrats song several hundred times and failed to get the kid to sleep and are now searching the plane for an exit at 40,000 feet.

Of course, if the kids do fall asleep and/or are well-behaved, after the main meal Mom and Dad can sit together and maybe relax and converse (remember that?) while the two kids are just within earshot in the next row, sleeping nicely.

You'll have to do the math if you have more or less than two kids, but the ideas stay the same. If you are a single parent with multiple kids, seat yourself in the middle where you can more easily reach the two kids most likely to need your help.

With two kids, my wife and I prefer the two up, two behind seating. If the airplane is set up with two seats near the side, one can be a window and the other an aisle, the best of both worlds.

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