What is a Sponsor?

So what's a sponsor anyway?

A sponsor is a person already in the host country who will help you settle in by answering questions and introducing you to your new home. Acquiring a sponsor is one of the best ways of making the adjustment to a new life. Your sponsor might be of a formal nature, appointed by your firm or school, or may be the person you are arriving to replace. Failing such a clear cut relationship, you may be able to secure a sponsor through your company, through an alumni association, club or hobby and the like.

With kids, the best sponsor will be someone with children around the same age as yours. We parents have to stick together, and a sponsor with offspring in the same school yours are destined for can be very helpful in relieving pre-move anxiety.

If you really have no contacts at all in the host country and are unable to establish any through work, school, church or other affiliations, there are enterprises that, for a fee, can fill in for at least some of the things a good sponsor might do. Start with Mobility Services International, or see our links [LINK] about moving page for more suggestions.

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