Private Insurance

The private insurance you buy will be based on the value of the items insured, not solely their weight. The company will ask you to complete a detailed inventory of the goods to be covered. They will have a value limit under which they will more or less take your word on what something is worth (for example, “one blanket, $25”) and ask you to explicitly declare and value other items in detail (DELL computer, Pentium XLII with 79 inch monitor, $2500).

You may need to gather up receipts or other proof of the value of something, though typically you will only need this kind of proof if you have to make a claim (so please do not pack the receipts in the same box as the item).

To aid in the inventory, we also take pictures of each room of the house while still full of our stuff. We will also take close up photos of particularly valuable or fragile things to aid in the insurance company's process of determining the extent of a loss.

If you have a video recorder, it can be handy to just sweep through the house with that before you start packing.

Items you have to specifically declare and define are usually called “scheduled items”, while the rest of your stuff is “unscheduled”.

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