Questions to Ask: Additional Coverage

And a few final questions to consider:

  • Is there a discount available for holding the insurance for a period of time (usually a couple of years) without a claim? Can the same company offer you a better rate if you also buy your health and auto insurance from them? Will a claim on one type of insurance affect your status with the company in regards to the other types of insurance you hold?
  • Will you need or be able to buy the equivalent of “renter's insurance” and a “floater” policy. A floater covers your goods for a specific journey or time, say from the time they leave the U.S. until you sign for them in Beijing. Other insurance covers your stuff while in your apartment in China. Most places seem to only be willing to sell you the two types of coverage as a package.
  • Along with the renter's type insurance and floater policy, what else are you getting and/or paying for? Many insurance firms of this type provide additional coverage for things like personal liability (somebody slips on your hall rug in Madrid and wants money from you) at little to no extra cost. Some policies also cover your luggage aboard the plane at no extra cost, easing the burden of a lost suitcase, or a pilfered bag torn open by a shady airline employee.

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