Questions to Ask: Customer Service

Here are some questions specifically around customer service:

  • Is there a local claims agent? If you have a claim in Frankfurt, will you have to deal long distance with an office in New York, or is there someone in-country who can help you?
  • While the current insurance company be able to cover you if you move from Indonesia to Macao, or can they only handle moves to and from the U.S.? Are their prices the same for international moves are they are for moves to and from the U.S.?
  • Does the company limit its coverage to some category of customer, such as U.S. military, that may change for you, say if you move to Thailand while in the Air Force, and then choose to start your retirement there?
  • What are your responsibilities when you acquire a new item of some value, say a beautiful folding screen you bought in Shanghai at a great price, though it is likely worth thousands of dollars more in the U.S.? Most companies require you to declare to them, within a certain period of time, new acquisitions of a certain value if you want them covered. Your premium will likely increase of course to insure the new item.

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