Introduction: Moving Abroad with Kids

A lot of what we have said in the previous pages about traveling internationally with your kids applies to moving abroad with your children as well. Helping them learn about the new country they will be living in, packing the right things and reading the right books all are good things.

Moving is not a vacation, and the task of relocating to another country creates special demands and anxieties. The newness that is so much of what makes a vacation a break from the regular stuff can in fact seem frightening to a child faced with a much longer stretch of time. Making new friends in a foreign language is a big task for even the biggest kid.

Information on moving overseas (as opposed to just traveling) has been the number one request we have received from readers since we started this web site. We've lived in six countries over the past 15 years, the last eight years with a child or two along for the ride. We'll do our best to help.

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