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In many place where wages are low, access to health care is often times expensive and difficult. For your children's safety, as well as because it is the right thing to do, pay for a medical exam for anyone you are considering hiring, and see that they receive the treatment needed.

This pre-employment testing is especially important where the HIV virus is prevalent and where knowledge of how HIV is transmitted is not. You may also wish to ensure that your employees have received the proper vaccinations. In some areas you should be ready to provide toiletries and other assistance in helping the employee maintain the standards of cleanliness you feel are appropriate.

Work with your employees to be sure that they wash, clean and prepare food in a sanitary and healthful way. You may find that they may at first be unsure of why you are requesting water to be boiled, or for fruits to be cleaned in a bacteria-fighting solution of Clorox and water (properly mixed and diluted; you will likely need to demonstrate).

If you anticipate that your employees will also provide child care, be certain that they know how to contact medical or other help if needed. Be sure that your children, if they will be alone with the employee, will be able to communicate the need for emergency help. This problem may occur when you, your children and the employee lack sufficient language skills in common.

Before making a final decision to hire someone, seek to look into their background, to ensure to the extent possible that the potential employee does not have a history of abusive behavior. Depending on the circumstances, you can check with references and previous employers, or perhaps through your company or organization be able to request a check through the local police.

If you are unable to acquire any information on the employee's background, strongly consider another candidate, or propose a trial period of employment to give you a chance to observe him or her at work before making a final decision to hire.

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