Out the Door

Sometimes the packing crew will then call for a truck and load things up, or they may tell you a truck will be by tomorrow to load everything. Packing properly is an art, so it is not surprising that a moving company will not waste its skilled packers on a task like loading boxes into a truck.

Once your things go out the door in a zillion small boxes, they will go to a warehouse or shipping depot where, for international shipment by sea, they will be placed in a huge wooden shipping crate of a standard size, usually one big enough to play a halfway decent game of handball in. This huge crate should be lined with plastic to prevent moisture damage.

The crate then is put into a steel container the size of a semi-truck aboard the ship. While the huge wooden crate is all your stuff, the steel container will have your things and whatever else is at the depot going to the same overseas port.

You may never see this crate or container, as many moving companies will unpack your things into a smaller truck to get them from the foreign port to your new place (extra credit for a moving company on the host country end that will offer to take away the zillion empty boxes once you've unpacked).

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