Check with the moving company and your own company or organization about what insurance coverage they will provide on your household effects.

Ask what will happen if something is lost, damaged, stolen or broken between the time it goes into a box in your living room and when you next see it in Moscow. You will likely find that the mover's liability is very light, and often is based on weight more than actual value. This means if they lose a box weighing five pounds with your down quilt, or a box with five pounds of bone china their cost in paying you off is the same.

Unfortunately, in some cases, you can also expect the moving company to seek to further limit their exposure by trying to pass the blame off on a subcontractor, the ship, the dock workers, the guy in the car in front of them last Thursday and so on.

Because of this, you should get additional insurance on your things to cover them in transit. Unless you work for a very nice company, you will likely pay for this insurance coverage yourself. In most cases, it is money well spent and not too expensive.