More Resources

We can also recommend books about moving here. These books include guides for parents as well as children's books that can help your kids get ready to move to a new place.

  • Preparing for a move? Please be sure to take a look at this article by a leading child psychologist on how best to prepare your children.
  • The U.S. Expatriate Handbook is a useful resource in planning your new life overseas. Let yourself be guided by folks who have already been there.

If you're moving abroad for the first time and are not sure of what the right questions you should be asking are, never mind the best answers, this book can help. Seasoned veterans, maybe you should pick up the latest Tom Clancy at the airport instead. But before you do, you may still want to browse through this book's advice on taxes, financial planning, renting your home in the Boston while you are in Berne and… Follow this link to read the rest of our review of this book.

You can also read some suggestions on communicating with your children about your move here: