Kilaueau Point Lighthouse And National Wildlife Refuge

At the historic Kilauea Point Lighthouse kids will enjoy the visitor displays explaining local seabirds and their sanctuaries. Kilaueau Point, the island’s northernmost point, is a great place to spot Hawaii's state bird the Nene goose; red-footed boobies; albatrosses and many other types of Hawaiian seabirds. In the turquoise Pacific below you might spot Humpback whales, playful Hawaiian spinner dolphins, or green sea turtles. Nine-year-old Moriah was intent on spotting the endangered Hawaiian monk seals—she’d read about their plight in the book Aloha, Kanani. She’s brought along Kanani, her Hawaiian American Girl doll, who tries to protect the seals. (To learn more about the Kauai Monk Seal Watch Program visit:

For a small fee, you can explore the 917-acre Kilauea National Wildlife Refuge. Walking along this rocky peninsula, enjoy fantastic views of the northern coast all the way to Hanalei. You’ll see tropical birds nesting in the cliffs. Kids might enjoy the guided nature hikes.

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