Waikiki is very safe by any standard and amazingly safe by the typical U.S. city standard. We've walked around with jet lag at 2am without incident.

That said, some people's idea of a vacation is to get drunk or high and then wander around at night telling everyone about it. All things being equal, at night, walk on Kalakaua Avenue and not Kuhio. The streets run parallel so you can go wherever you wish to go, but at night the drunks and occasional weird homeless guy seem to hang on Kuhio.

Off the main streets you will occasionally see small stores with no windows and signs only in Japanese. Many of these places are specialty shops that sell nasty pornography to visiting Japanese. Some have posters in the window that show anime characters that may attract your child's attention, so I wanted to mention this to you.

Most people driving cars around Waikiki are tourists in rental cars. Some come from countries where people normally drive on the opposite side of the road and/or do not automatically respect crosswalks. Almost everybody is unfamiliar with the local roads and one-way streets. Look both ways and cross streets with care.

All that said, the biggest safety issue you are likely to encounter is sunburn, so load up on sunblock, keep the kiddies out of the sun at peak times and drink lots of water.

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