One Kids' Perspective: Visiting Kyoto with Your Parents

Our oldest child provided these travel tips for your teenagers traveling to Kyoto.

If you're a teenager visiting Kyoto with your parents, you should:

  • Not wear flip flops, high heels, or any sort of shoes that pinch even a little bit. If your parents are anything like my parents you will not be able to feel your feet except pain surging out of them every now and then by the end of the day.
  • Bring your own hair conditioner, and it might be a good idea to bring your own soap too. The ryokan that you are staying at might only have bar soap.
  • Make sure you drink plenty of water at the water fall when you go to Kiyomizu Temple. Not only will it help you pass exams and SAT's and stuff but it will also make you more pure or something. But the main reason to go drink the water is that it will help you pass exams.
  • Try to relate everything to the FIRST Matrix when you go to temples and you start feeling completely lost when reading the signs written in bad English trying to explain zen. The Matrix sequels will only make things more complicated, but the first Matrix movie will help you understand things.
  • Go crazy at the yatsuhashi shop at the top of the hill, in front of Kiyomizu Temple. They give you free tea, and free food! There were these kids taking samples by the handful, but the people at the counter don't really care so eat a lot there!
  • Sleep on the bus. No matter where you are coming from whether it be Tokyo or New York, you will always, always feel jetlag when riding these buses.
  • Bring shorts, long pants, an umbrella and sunscreen. You never know what kind of weather you are gonna get, this goes for everywhere.
  • Go to Gion, and constantly be on the look out for big walking crowds on the street. It usually means that they are stalking some poor geisha, which is something to see. A good time to see a geisha is from 6:00~6:30. It's good luck to see a geisha.
  • Go shopping for good luck charms in the very beginning. I tried to get one at the last minute in the last temple we visited and instead they gave me a pamphlet saying “why you shouldn't carry a good luck charm around.” It said to “face reality.”
  • Go to the bathroom at any possible place that is good enough for you. You never know when you'll find another “normal” bathroom.

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