Diapers and Other Baby Things in Tokyo

The paper diapers in Japan are great, and you can buy them in most any drug store or supermarket. They are expensive, maybe double U.S. prices. The diapers also are sized by weight in kilograms, so if you don't know how fat/skinny the heir is, estimate. One kilogram weighs a bit more than two pounds, so a 20 lb. kid would be about 10 kilos.

Japanese diaper sizes don't seem to extend much beyond 15 kilos, so if you've got a big kid (over 30 lbs), you will have trouble finding diapers that fit. You might have to bring some with you.

You can usually find Pampers in most places. Of the Japanese brands, almost all are as good as any other good paper diaper. If pressed, we usually preferred “Ultra Moonies” mostly ‘cause the name is so weird.

A lot of places have water dispensers that dispense almost boiling hot water if you need it for formula. Just about every convenience store has a microwave available for heating up stuff bought there, or maybe not bought there if you need to warm a bottle. Shhh"¦

Tokyo is a crowded, narrow city. Full-size U.S.-sized baby strollers will not fit easily through doors and tight spaces. Go with an umbrella style.

We saw very, very, very few women breastfeeding in public.

The baby food in jars some folks like is hard to find outside of really big, well-stocked stores. Canned formulas like Simalac did not seem to be sold.

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