Things to Do: Singapore Tourism Office

One of the best places to begin is the Singapore Tourism office, right on Orchard Road, near the HMV music store. They have brochures for EVERYTHING to do in the whole country, along with very helpful staff who can answer any question, resolve international disputes and accurately guess random numbers.

Well, they seemed very helpful both with specifics (“Is the Science Museum open on Mondays?” [No]) to and generalities (“What to do with restless kids?” [Switch them to decaffe]). Worth a visit for certain. You can also get broadband Internet access in their office for S$1 per 15 minutes. All the brochures and advice are free.

Singapore is also one of the most web-enabled places on the globe, so if you don't see a web site listed for something mentioned below, you can likely find out more anyway by doing a search.

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