Sydney Food

There is not much to say about food in Sydney except that it is everywhere at all times. There are also cafes and coffee shops every 10 meters on any street, even superhighways people can't walk on, and local law requires at least 50 percent of all people to be in cafe at any given time. Of those in said cafÃÆ'©, half must be talking loudly on a cell phone (“Yeah, I'm at the cafe, right). If you are on vacation without your cell, I think it is OK to just shout at others as long as you are banal.

Brekky and Vegemite

Breakfast is a major event in the lives of most Sydneysiders, some of whom will insist on calling it “brekky.” Don't you dare call it that. Most places that serve brekky serve it late, and all day brekky joints are not uncommon. Be sure to try Vegemite on your toast. Vegemite is a brown (some say golden) jelly-like substance that I am pretty sure must be made from old leaves and mud, or maybe decayed durian rinds. Seriously, this is a major Australian comfort food, and well-loved by all. You owe it to yourself to give it at least a taste.

Other Food Things

  • A lot of deli-like places have different prices for take away (eat outside; cheaper) and eat in (more expensive), even though it is the same food item. Picnics are good family things to do and will also save you some money.
  • Most people do not tip at all in Australian restaurants that would have you as customers, though rounding up the tab for good service is done.
  • You can drink the water anywhere, though bottled water is also freely available.
  • Sandwiches often include the option of “rocket,” which is a kind of green thing a lot like lettuce. In the U.S., it's called argula and has a little more zing (or bitterness, depending on your point of view) than regular lettuce.
  • “Turkish bread” is a frequent option as well; it is basically thick toast.
  • Meat pies are tasty and packed with enough carbs to roll Dr. Atkins over twice. You can get them filled with all sorts of good stuff, such as mushrooms and chicken. Watch it with the kids-the filling is often very hot in the center and the eating process is potentially messy.
  • Good foods from around the world are all over. We saw and ate Thai, various Indian dishes, all kinds of Chinese food and Vietnamese cuisine.

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