What to Do: Sumida River Line River Cruises

O.K., to begin, this is not Paris.

In Paris the boats that cruise the Seine take you under bridges hundreds of years old, bridges that maybe some famous French person crossed, or at least looked at. In Tokyo, the Sumida River Line boat passes under 12 bridges, some of which are concrete and stone, others which are stone and concrete. The river banks are encased in concrete (gray with black streaks as is traditional in old Edo) and the water is murky. If your kid fell in he would never grow hair again.

That said, our kids liked the boat ride, and it is one of the coolest ways to get out to Odaiba, a new shopping and eating area in Tokyo. On a summer's night the cruise can be quite pleasant, with an off shore breeze overwhelming Tokyo's July humidity. The place looks better in the dark, too.

Prices vary depending on the route you choose, starting at about Y400 and topping out at Y1800 roundtrip for longer excursions. The Odaiba run is Y400 for an adult one way and takes about 20 minutes.

Details on where to board and more are at www.suijobus.co.jp.

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