Singapore: Safe and Clean

Did I mention 896 times already that Singapore is clean and safe? OK, it is.

With few exceptions in some of the ethnic areas, everyone speaks English and so directions and advice are easy to obtain. People are generally friendly, if a bit harried at times. It is probably more useful to ask the mom with a child in a pram for directions than the businesswoman juggling two cell phones, one with a headset, and an open lap top cutting in line to take your taxi.

There can be a sort of abrupt quality to some Singaporeans that occasionally is amusing: at one point I was looking for a pay phone, and asked a clerk at a convenience store if they had one. Her reply was a curt “Don't you have a cell phone?” except she said “Don't you have a hand phone?” so the English usage was entertaining enough that I overlooked the unhelpfulness. I don't think folks intend to be rude but it can sometimes smell that way.

Singapore is also a multi-lingual society, and you can expect to encounter English, Mandarin, Hindi, Malay and other languages at every sign post.

Baby stuff is available everywhere, including formulas and paper diapers in brands familiar to most North Americanos and Western Europeanos. Supermarkets and drug stores abound and you can get whatever you need easily. Many toilets have baby changing tables and are usually pretty clean.

Toilets are pretty common, and can always be found in department stores and the mushroom-like clusters of fast food restaurants. Most are clean and have plenty of toilet paper, and you can refill water bottles from the tap. In Chinatown we found the occasional squat toilet, and here and there toilet seats in women's rooms were dirty because folks had squatted on the rim/seat of a sit-down style potty. Just try the next stall.

User Feedback

i believe singapore is a very clean place and should be preserved for future generations. keep up the good work singapore!

Nick Twatt

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