Shopping, Shopping and Shopping

In case you didn't hear, there is shopping in Hong Kong.

We'll leave the major shopping details to others, but a few kid-specific shopping tips:

  • If you think you are buying copied clothing with fake tags, be sure to pay copy prices. If you are paying real prices outside a name-brand Department store, be certain you can tell the difference.
  • In markets you can hold up clothing against your kids to rough-check sizes but there is nowhere to try it on.
  • Cheap kids clothing, especially pajamas, may not be fire-retardant. Even if you know the brand, the piece in your hand may not be fire-retardant treated.
  • You can find lots of kid clothing at the Stanley market, on the south side of Hong Kong Island, about 30-40 minutes by bus or taxi from Central.
  • In open air markets you are expected to haggle a bit over prices. Have fun bargaining but don't make it an obsession. We have bargaining tips elsewhere on our site.
  • If all else fails, there is a huge Toys ‘R Us in the Harbour Center in Kowloon, five minutes walk from the Star Ferry. The same shopping plaza has a kid's book store, some not-so-cheap children's clothing stores and a zillion places to eat and buy things. There is a second Toys ‘R Us in the mega-shopping Blade Runner-like Causeway Bay (Causeway Bay MTR station), in Windsor House.
  • The Temple Street Night market (near Jordan MTR) has lots of infant clothing but not too much in larger sizes. They also have cheap, junky toys, useful perhaps to temporarily placate a cranky young one so you can get on with the shopping. Yeah, I hate to buy their silence too, but sometimes it seems practical. The market is technically a "night" market but we found the place alive anytime after 5 pm.
  • The “Ladies Market” near Mongkok MTR Station is larger and has more variety, so if Temple pleases keep going.
  • We found, however, that the stores and street market near Sham Shui Po to have more variety at better prices, though this is a bit further away.

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