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The best thing about Seaworld with kids is that the shows run many times a day, meaning you can time sit-down activities between walking/standing activities pretty easily. Also, because the shows are in stadiums the size of Oklahoma, there are no lines and little chance of being shut out. Even better, the seats where you'll get wet are well-marked, allowing you to choose.

Careful—the pools are full of salt water, which will turn your video camera into landfill chum. Watch for wheelchair access signs, which also indicate ways in and out that are stroller-friendly. Some stuff is sold by vendors in the stadium, so be sure to work out in advance what you will and will not buy to avoid trouble when the guy thrusts ice cream under your nose.

The whale stadium has a “viewing area” called “Shamu Close Up”, a big window into the pool, where you could see the performing whales swim around before and after the shows. The kids loved this to death. During the show it is hard to get a sense of how big these guys are, but through the glass, swimming toward you, it is easy to see their immense size and equally impressive grace.

Editorial: I hate shows and zoo's where the animals are made to do stupid things, like wear human clothes (I didn't go see Planet of the Apes either). With the exception of the sea lion and otter show, which was full of stupid pet tricks, the humanization of sea animals was kept to a minimum for most shows. While leaping in the air at stadiums is not necessarily typical killer whale behavior, it mimics some natural behaviors and was not scary or sad to watch for the kids.

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