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We found two things within the park that sneakily required additional charges, the you-pedal-'em swan boats and the multi-mega story observation tower. The charges are a couple of bucks if you want to, but for us we saw these additional costs late in the day and it provoked one of those parent things where I didn't want to lay out any more money while the kids were confused why they couldn't go on the pedal boats. Now forewarned, you can hopefully handle this better than I did.

Food and Toilets

There are lots of places in the park to eat and yes, they are all expensive as fast food goes. Much of the food is deep-fried in whole or part, though some places have sandwiches and burgers. Also not so surprisingly, there is a lot of sea food available (though I must digress and wonder aloud about the contradiction between showing you live sea creatures and then letting you eat them). If your little ones don't eat fish, don't worry, as most sea food places also have Chicken Nuggets-like chicken available.

One attraction of interest to some parents is the free beer samples, as Seaworld is owned by the Anheuser-Busch folks. The beer pavilion, however, only gives away free beer (including non-alcohol free beer). They sell, at appropriate rip off theme park prices, soda and lemonade. If you're gonna try out the brew, have something ready for the kids to share instead of what's left in your wallet. The rules are one beer at a time and a daily maximum of two beers per person. The beer is on tap and is served in plastic cups that appear to hold less than a can's worth.

Toilets are everywhere, pretty clean, with some changing tables. We all thought the tap water and drinking fountain water tasted just awful and it was work to keep the kids hydrated without selling a cornea to pay for drinks.

Seaworld online

More information is of course on-line. This official site is short on pictures, but does have a lot of housekeeping information on costs, opening hours and the like. You can also order online “E Tickets” over the web.

Seaworld's other online home,, is a more educational site, with information on the animals and Seaworld's role in conservation and education. Good stuff if you want to shift the vacation focus from 100% recreational. The site also includes some resources for teachers and class projects.

Lastly, there is, with a live Shamu Webcam and all sorts of eye candy goodies about The Whale.

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