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Literally on every corner in Waikiki you will see an ABC store; there must be hundreds of them. Each store sells the ubiquitous chocolate covered macadamia nuts, sun block, cheesy gifts (i.e., hula girl lighters), phone cards, inflatable water toys, Hawaiian shirts and beach wraps, sand pails, sushi, sandwiches, sodas and beer in cans and bottles, maps, puka shell jewelry, T-shirts, beach mats and very likely partridges and a pear tree to nest them in. The stores are also air conditioned and are always available while walking for a bit of coolness when needed. Our kids loved to explore around the store while my wife and I pretended to read magazines while absorbing cool air. Prices are about what you'd expect from a convenience store in paradise.

Food Pantry sells the usual drug store stuff you might need such as diapers, band-aids, sun block and Tylenol. For prescriptions and stuff like cough medicine, you may want to try the Pharmacy on Kuhio (located on duh, Kuhio Avenue about a block west of the Food Pantry). They'll accept in most instances a phoned-in prescription from your home town doctor.

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