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Mitad del Mundo-(Middle of the World)

This is about 25 minutes outside of Quito. This monument is located where the Equator was first “discovered” with real accuracy. “0 Longitude “0 Latitude. You can stand only inches apart from your child and be in two separate hemispheres (which is what it feels like most of the time at home anyway). The monument area is surrounded but a breathtaking 360 degree view of mountains. You can go into the monument for US $1 per person and small kids don't pay but there is no particular age. If you have a tall kid, they may charge you the $1.

ecuador middle of the world

In the monument you go up an elevator to the top and marvel at the view and snap 50 pictures. On the stairway down, there is a treat of a nice museum dedicated to the local Indigineous population. There are no photos allowed in the museum.

There is a small village of shops and food surrounding the monument. It is a cobblestone path village and all of the locals make a living off of tourists. They have wonderful handmade items and expect to haggle. There are no cars inside the village and there is a nice playground with some unique play equipment. Ecuadorians are very friendly people and so are their kids. Foreigners are liked by the locals even if they are not trying to sell you something. The kids will try to make friends with your kids right away and the lack of a common language is not an issue for them.

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