Places to See with the Kids: Lotte World

Lotte World is a (mostly) indoor amusement park, built inside of what might otherwise be a huge indoor stadium. Indoors means that you can entertain the kids year ‘round. The rides are fairly tame, good for younger children, with a moderate roller coaster and an outdoor drop-from-a-high-place ride that will keep kids up through the early teens entertained.

Lotte World also has a 3D theatre with moving seats, an ice rink and, of course, lots of fast food (Lotteria, a popular Korean fast food chain, is owned by the same folks who own Lotte World). One admission price gets you into most things. The place gets jammed on weekends, so try for a weekday visit if you can.

The nearest subway stop is CHAMSIL, on the Green Line. Follow the signs and you can enter Lotte World directly from the subway station via an underground shopping arcade. Lotte World is too far from downtown for a taxi.

User Feedback

That sounds pretty neat. I hope I get to visit while I am in Korea. Blessings.



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