Naughty Macau

If you have followed our walking tour and are in front of the Lisboa, you have arrived at the gates of the naughty side of Macau, which we mention so that you as parents can decide what if anything more you want your kids to see of Macau.

Unlike some casinos in Vegas and elsewhere that flirt with so-called family friendly themes, Macau gambling is for adults with strong stomachs only. Most places won't even allow kids in, which is a good thing, as the gambling rooms are smoke-filled, and filled with folks working real hard to lose whatever money they have left in boozy and unattractive ways.

Alcohol and girls are in abundance, and the basement of the Lisboa is renown as a gathering place for Mainland prostitutes whose manner of dress and manner overall leave nothing to the imagination but maybe the price.

OK, some good news. You can get a ride in a pedicab here, as their routes start right next to the Lisboa. There are no fixed prices, so bargain and bargain. If you are otherwise done with this part of town, you can also get a taxi from in front of the Lisboa pretty easily.

The current biggest casino in town, the US-owned Sands, is down closer to the ferry terminal, and is a bit cleaner and brighter, but in Macau in the end these places just are what they are. If you are traveling around town, and especially if you are headed toward the otherwise cool F-1 museum near the New Yaohan department store, keep an eye out (or not) for the very clearly advertised “saunas” with their building-wide photo banners advertising the women who work within.

None of this is to say or imply that Macau is a dangerous place; quite the contrary. Any vice you find is very well organized and while quite obviously sold, does not spill outside of the premises. You want it, they got it. You don't want it, just keep walking and enjoy the historical neighborhoods we have tried to bring light to above.

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