Market Safety

A word about safety in the marketplaces. The markets are very crowded, with narrow aisles and lots of twisty off shoots. It is very easy to get separated in the crowd and very hard to find someone who is lost. You will not be able to take a stroller everywhere, or, at peak times, anywhere inside the outdoor markets. For infants, a carry thing is recommended. For older kids, keeping a hand on their shoulders is a good idea.

While not intended to be dangerous, the markets are clearly not set up to be child-safe. Lots of sharp things are around, and a lot of food is cooked over open barbeque-like things. In the cold months space heaters and charcoal briquettes are used, and are all obviously a danger to kids.

While we have never been pickpocketed, nor has anyone we have known personally ever been pickpocketed, the rumors remain that pickpockets work the crowds at the marketplaces. Wallets should go into front pockets and handbags should zip up tight and be carried in front of you, preferably with a strap across your chest.

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