Kamakura: The Beach

Once you get out of the train station, you'll be tempted to cross from once side of the track to the other side of the track, with a hundred other people. Instead, walk the opposite way to the beach. If you follow that road it will take you straight to the curb and then you hit the beach. There still isn't a direct staircase to the beach, so you will have to walk for about five minutes along the road. There isn't a side walk but not a lot of cars go by so if you just watch both sides then you'll probably be OK.

The beach isn't really like the nice white sandy beaches of Hawaii. It has it's share in seaweed, mud and trash but over all is still a nice enough beach. The water is pretty clean as Japanese ocean water goes, and there were plenty of people windsurfing and lots of kids swimming around in the shallows.

The only thing you might really want to watch out for is the massive number of crows that like to hang out on the beach. There were hundreds upon hundreds of them trying to pick little bugs and other things out of the seaweed, and lots of them just sunbathing on the electrical wires. So be smart and when crossing the road just run as fast as you can so you don't end up like my wife and eldest daughter, who got crow poop splattered on their hair.

Once you have had a look at the beach, there are a lot of little shops around here and there, nothing special except one little shop that sold old Japanese coins for about a dollar each. The shop also sold old records and lots of little touristy items such as yukatas (Japanese robes) and chinaware.

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