Our suggestion was to pick up some picnic food at the convenience store near the station. If you missed that, or perfer to sample local food, you are still in luck. There are no fast food restaurants in Hase near the Buddha, but the food there really isn't bad, and for a good price. There are many small restaurants. Our family ate a restaurant just across the street from the temple that served noodles (soba) that most kids would like. The restaurant was clean and friendly. Be prepared to order in Japanese, or to use gestures, as little English is spoken.

Kids and o-sembei There are plenty of vendors around, and buying small things is a good way to try out new tastes. In the picture our kiddies are holding o-sembei, Japanese rice crackers. They are cheap, salty and not fishy. For less adventurous kids, you can find ice cream all around, including some only-in-Japan flavors like green tea and red bean. Try them!

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