What to Do: Jido Kaikan (Kids Hall)

...or, what to do on a rainy day when the kids have had their fill of temples and historic sites.

This place, whose name translates as “Kids' Hall,” is five stories of great stuff to do for kids. They have woodshops, general craft areas, an indoor maze for elementary-aged kids, a library (very little English but worthy picture books), music stations, some computers and, on the roof on weekends and most holidays, a place to borrow inline skates and unicycles for use on the premises only.

The place is about a seven minute walk from the various Shibuya train and subway stations. Here's a map:


There are pretty clean toilets in the buildings and in some women's rest rooms, actual changing tables. And get this"€it is all free (some crafts require inexpensive materials purchases).

Very little English is spoken at Jido Kaikan, but you can probably figure things out by watching the other kids. They have a web page with some English, though the Japanese side of the web site is much more detailed (if you don't have a friend who can read Japanese, the pictures are still of some value).

You can learn more on line at their English page.

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