Not Free But Worth Doing: USS Missouri

If you are into ships and history, you can also (for a price, about $12 per adult) tour a WWII Gato-class submarine (the USS Bowfin) and board the USS Missouri. You buy tickets for both ships at the walking distance away "Submarine Museum" not far from where you board the Arizona shuttle boat.

After a brief spin through the museum, you board the sub, inching down a narrow ladder into the area where some 40 men lived, fought and worked for weeks at a time. The space is cramped; at 5' 9” (about 180cm) I kept bumping my head. There are explanatory notes all over the inside of the ship to read, or you can borrow an audio wand and learn that way. You can spend as much time as you like inside the sub, but if others are behind you you might need to mosey a long.

The Missouri of course is famous as the place where Japanese officials signed the peace treaty that ended WWII, and so her place next to the Arizona in Pearl is no historical accident. You reach the ship (after buying a ticket) via a short tram ride across a bridge and then over Ford Island (the only way a civilian can get onto Ford Island, for you history buffs).

Once aboard, you can follow a marked path (guided tours are available at extra cost) or wander around most areas (the engineering space and many below-deck facilities are closed at present). In a way cool move, the mess hall is now a snack bar so you can eat where the sailors once dined. Be sure to check out the front backup gun aiming turret. With the periscope there, you can get close-up views of other ships in Pearl Harbor.

You do a lot of climbing of stairs and ladders, which would be impossible with a stroller and difficult with a baby on board backpack. If you follow the whole walking tour, it is about one mile's worth of strolling. You can take pictures everywhere.

More information is available online at U.S.S. Missouri, or by calling 973-2494.

User Feedback

I suggest you plan a trip for the kiddo’s and one for yourself! I was suprisingly overwelhmed with this ship. But, the little ones wanted to hurry, hurry!! Hahaha…But, they did enjoy it very well! And if you didn’t know, be sure to go down the stairs backwards!!!

Melissa Davis

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