Not Free But Worth Doing: Aquazone Diving

Read this only if you dive, or want to learn. Kids as young as 12 can take lessons and actually do open water ocean dives.

Obviously, being islands, Hawaii has some natural advantages for divers, such as much water. We enjoy diving and have had several very good experiences with a Waikiki company named Aquazone. They seem well aware that a fat, bald 43 year old probably hasn't dived (dove? diven?) in awhile and carry the tanks, set up the gear and choose locations that are decent dives without forcing me to pretend I am related to Philip and Jacques. The macho stuff is kept way to a minimum; more Discovery Channel than Outward Bound.

The thing we like best is that they offer free in-pool refresher lessons for lame certified divers and free in-pool intro lessons for anyone else, including kids as young as 12. The lessons are given at the Outrigger Waikiki, and require reservations. No cost, no obligation, mild sales pitch to sign up for a dive with them. Contact them through their web site or at 808-923-3483.

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