Grand Canyon Sunsets

Grand Canyon crowd

While at the Yavapai portion of the Grand Canyon, we recommend Yavapai Point for your sunset watching needs. The most-recommended sunset viewing place is Hopi Point. You have to take the shuttle bus there, along with a zillion of your closest new friends. You get a second chance to rub bums with those new friends when everybody piles back on the buses after the sun sets. You can see the crowd to the right.

Grand Canyon sunset

Yavapai Point gives you 90% of the sunset thrills at the Grand Canyon with 0% of the crowds. The difference basically is how close to the horizon you'll be able to see the sun drop. From Hopi and parts west you have a pretty much unimpeded view, while from Yavapai and parts east a hunk of the Grand Canyon wall shields the last few moments of the sunset from view.

Don't worry, you and your family don't need to thank us. That's what we're here for. ;-)

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