Food Safety in Korea

A couple of safety points with kids. In some restaurants, where food is cooked at your table, the waitress will arrive with a huge hunk of red hot charcoal to deposit in the burner mid-table. This is very hot; children should be advised not to touch it (duh) and to stay out of the way of waitresses carrying the burning coals.

Water is generally safe to drink, though most folks drink bottled water to be safe and because it tastes better. Raw foods are not too common, but you should exercise caution before you put anything uncooked in your mouth.

While forks can sometimes be hard to come by if you don't like chopsticks, a lot of Korean food is properly eaten with a large spoon. Almost every place to eat can come up with a spoon for a child (we have a lot more to say about eating in unfamiliar places elsewhere on our site).

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