Maui: Where to Stay Overview

Across the Hawaiian islands, the West side of the island is usually dry and the East much wetter. Because of this, most of the main tourist areas are usually on the West side and the same is true on Maui. Maui is technically two islands that have been fused together so it can get a little confusing. The group of towns in the sort of north-west corner of Maui is generally called "West Maui" and includes Lahaina, Kaanapali and Kapalua. The group of town in the south-west corner is called "South Maui" and includes Kihei and Wailea. Confused yet? Take a look at a map.

Each area of the island has its own feel and its own clump of restaurants and things do to do. The two areas are about 45 minutes apart so you can certainly jump from one to the other, but they're far enough apart that you should probably pick one where you expect to spend most of your time.

There are more shops and restaurants in West Maui (and also nightclubs if your 8-year-old wants to break off some dance moves), but as you move north up the coast, things get progressively slower and quieter. If you want the newest and nicest, then South Maui is probably best for your family as the biggest, fanciest resorts are pretty much in Wailea.

Follow these links to find out more on West Maui and South Maui.

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