Some Basic Rules for Travel in South America

  • Don't ever assume that your room will have A/C, a TV, a telephone, a private bath or HOT WATER, even in the big cities. Make sure you ask up front if you are expecting any of these services. In my experience, some 3 year olds don't understand the appeal of a mountain spring water ice-cold bath.
  • Bring basic toiletries with you in abundance- don't expect the roadside bamboo shack in the middle of nowhere to have Arid Extra-Dry deodorant, children's liquid Tylenol or baby/hand wipes.
  • Bring mosquito repellant with you with at least 90% DEET as it can be hard to find.
  • Just because you are in the mountains doesn't mean that there are no mosquitoes. (in some mountain areas of Ecuador, they are even bigger than normal!!)
  • Tuck mosquito netting under your mattress, if available.
  • Bring some activities for the kids to do when TV is not available.

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