Not many travelers find there way here but it is a fairly large city (by Ecuadorian standards) and is one of the only large city stops near the southern coastal/beach areas. They have a decent size airport and a main bus terminal. (which is very dangerous late at night-as they all are).

The following hotel is the best in this town I have found so far. And believe me, I have found some real ‘beauties' in this city. This hotel is honest, clean and has a nice restaurant. It is used by local Executives so it is up to par but not fancy. They have A/C and color tv with a few cable channels (all Spanish but names like Discovery Kids and such). We spent around $42 USD per night (3/2004). The rooms are not overly large but adequate. If you are passing through on the way back to Guayaquil and have the ability to make any stops, treat yourself to a roadside stand bottle of natural honey. The area on the approach to Guayaquil is famous for it's diverse honeys. Every bottle is different color and it is incredibly delicious.

NOTE: Do not give honey to children under five no matter where it is from. There is some type of bacteria from the bees that a young body cannot process that does not affect a more mature body.

Hotel Ejecutivo- Portoviejo, Manabi, Ecuador (coastal Ecuador): Address: 18 de Octubre and 10 de Agosto. Reservations: Tel. 05-632105, Fax: 05-630876- No web site that I am aware of.

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