What to Do: Bridgestone Museum of Art

This tip is for older kids, or perhaps parents who have bonded with a Japanese baby sitter and are out for a stroll in central Tokyo.

The Bridgestone Museum of Art is located in the Bridgestone Tire Company's main office (the nearest subway stop is Nihonbashi on the Ginza Line. You can also walk about three blocks from central Ginza to the Museum). Unlike most museums (and coffee shops and subway cars and toilets and public parks and…) in Japan, even on a Sunday there are rarely more than a few visitors.

What are they all missing? They are all missing a moderate sized collection of (mostly) Impressionists, with several beautiful Monet's, Sisley's, Renoir's and others. The charm is that unlike the mega-art museums of Ueno Park in Tokyo, this one is uncrowded. Your kids can spend as long as they like with each picture without being shushed forward by crowds, and without feeling they must walk quickly to see everything. As our two young ones have gotten older with us in Japan, we have found the museum a very nice way to introduce them to some of our favorite art.

And, just to make sure your stop is not without humor, check out the totally lame attempts at mimicking the master Impressionists by some I am sure well-meaning but untalented artists, also included in the collection.

Also, if you need something to persuade a child to come along even if he doesn't like art, the Bridgestone building also has some reasonably cool window displays of their tires, including the cool wide ones fitted on Formula One cars.

There are no age limits, but the guards did watch our 6 year old very carefully. Admission is Y700 for adults, Y400 for school age kids and free for preschoolers. They are closed Mondays, open 10-5:30 the other days.

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