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One of the island's most popular family attractions is the Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo, Tel. 441/293-2727. The Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo is an excellent stop for families looking for a break from the beach.

From the moment you step from the sunny outdoors to the dark, cool interior of the aquarium, you'll be transported into the undersea environment that lies just off Bermuda's pink beaches. The well-kept tanks each feature local marine life ranging from green morays to grey triggerfish. Free audio handsets allow visitors to hear more about the tank's residents.

The aquarium is just the introduction to the large complex, however. Outside, harbor seals play in their tanks or laze in the sunshine.

Nearby, the Natural History Museum houses exhibits on everything from whaling to undersea exploration.

The Local Tails building contains some of the best exhibits for children. Young travelers can pick up a conch in the touch tank, listen to the call of a local bird or use a remote operated camera to explore an aquarium. Outside stands the zoo. Along with free-ranging peacocks and exhibits of lemurs and sloths, the zoo is especially noted for its Australasia exhibit.

Animals are separated from visitors by flowering water to provide an unobstructed view. Matschies Tree Kangaroo, tree shrews, Murray river turtles, and binturong or bear cat are found in the display.

Another excellent family stop is the Naval Royal Dockyard. Recently restored, these extensive dockyards offer a half day of activity including shopping mall housed in an history structure, a crafts market, and, best of all, the Bermuda Maritime Museum, Tel. 441/234-1418. Save at least two hours for a visit to this extensive collection which is located in the island's largest fort. Kids will find special signage at many displays where they can learn more about Bermuda's maritime history and facts on everything from how to make a compass to why early sailors thought the island was haunted.

If it rains during your visit, there's always one place that's got perfect weather: the Crystal Caves, Tel. 441/293-0640. This limestone cavern was accidentally found in 1907 by two boys playing cricket and since that time has been open to the public. You'll enjoy a look at cave formations and small pools in this underground wonderland.

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