The half of all people in Australia who are not required to be in a cafe talking on cell phones at any one time are usually in the pub, and beer is a very Australian thing. I don't know if it is a French thing were eight year olds guzzle wine at McDonalds, but while illegal to serve underage patrons I never saw pubs checking IDs, even for kids standing on piles of telephone books to order. Keep an eye on older kids out on their own.

For much older kids, such as Dads, there is great beer to be had in Sydney. In a pub you get a choice of a “pint,” which is a big glass, or a “tinny,” which is a small glass. The term comes from the word “tin,” meaning can in American English. Try the different kinds of beer if you like beer; I would recommend Cascade from Tasmania or Tooley's Old if this was not a family website.

By the way, unlike in the UK, outside of the tourist areas pubs do not seem to be family places. Most pubs seemed inhabited mostly by men, with few women and no kids.

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