Bangkok: Some Good News

Despite all the sleaze and scum, Bangkok impressed us as a relatively safe city. Even passing through less-good parts of town and riding taxis alone at night, no one ever hassled us; in fact, everyone went out of the way to be kind and helpful. The Thai people love children, and you will see folks out with their kids everywhere.

Convenience stores are everywhere, and stock amazing varieties of bottled water, juices and baby products, all likely cheaper than at home. We drank a variety of bottled water, local brands as well as stuff we knew, and never had a problem. Drug stores are also everywhere and well-stocked with products you'll recognize, with a fair amount of stuff from both the UK and the US. Prescription laws are different and you may even find medications you buy at home available over the counter. Look for BOOTS, a popular UK drug chain, in upscale shopping areas, where there is usually an English speaker on staff to help out.

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