At Kamakura Station

Kamakura At the Kamakura Station building on the ground floor near the East Exit there is an information office run by the Kamakura Tourist Association. The staff there can sort of speak English, but keep your questions simple. They have an English booklet about Kamakura worth the 200 yen it costs to get you started on exploring.

If you get stuck along the way, you can also try calling 0467-22-3350, the Kamakura Tourist Information Center for assistance.

When you get through the barrier of the train station, you should buy train tickets for the trip home, so you can beat the crowd. Also, as there aren't any fast food places in Hase, near the Buddha, there's a little convenient store near where you are standing called the Community Store which sells sandwiches, drinks and snacks, so stock up now or pay up later.

Right next to the ticket barrier of the train you just got off, there is another ticket office called the Edoden which is a local line that runs from one end of Kamakura to the other. There is a ticket marked Hase, clearly marked in English and has a little Buddha figure on the map. It is easier to buy a round trip ticket (this is all marked in English as well) to beat the crowd home. Ride the train two stops for the Great Buddha.

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