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Water Aboard the Plane

The air on planes is very, very dry. At the same time the cabin attendants are busy people and may not always be able to fetch water for you and your family.

Some travelers claim that with anything less than a cup of water an hour while aboard you will feel the affects of mild dehydration. Some claim that at least part of the distress of jet lag may actually be caused by dehydration.

It is especially helpful to drink up before nodding off to sleep on the plane, as that time is also spent losing water via breathing and so you should prepare your body with extra water. It can be tough to keep the kids drinking through a long flight, but will pay off with less wasted away feelings upon arrival.

Bring a bottle of water on the plane for each member of your family, and top off the bottles on trips to the toilet. Use the empty bottle for refilling with clean water at your destination.

If you can at all help it, don't drink non-bottled water on the plane. You might see taps here and there on the plane (especially on international routes), but the quality of the water is extremely suspect. Some of it may be fine, but much of it is not. The Wall St. Journal did a samling of different airlines' water quality and the results will not thrill you

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