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We have a Britax Boulevard convertible carseat. It is heavy and difficult to attach to the airplane seats. There is definitely a discrepancy between airlines and policies. The cross-country domestic flight attendant made us strap our child in during takeoff. On an international flight we were encouraged not to use it and I was given a special parent-child seat belt (not merely an extender, but it was an extender with another belt built onto it for the child). When I mentioned this to a US flight attendant she said it was unsafe. Hmm. Our son is 2.9 and we will be traveling domestically, probably on a small plane, this summer. He is 28lbs and skinny- I worry that they will not allow the carseat on the flight due to the carseat's size, but will this mean sitting in an adult seat with adult seat belt? should we invest in a smaller carseat? we will be renting a car upon arrival.
thanks for any advice.

ms. B