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I just wanted to weigh in that we have flown on several airlines that don't let us use the carseat during takeoff and landing (She had her own seat, but the carseat was too new to be on the FAA list, although it is approved by all the various automobile associations). We don't have a car, so buying a new one for one flight seemed silly. Also the people in front on one flight couldn't put their seat back and really had a fit. The stewardess tried to get me to turn her rear facing seat around while she was sleeping!!!! Really so the girl in front of me would rather have a screaming baby, but be able to put her seat back.....
She will outgrow the old seat in a couple of months and I will make sure the next purchase is FAA approved. We are just doing a few short flights before then, but before our 24 hours of flying at Christmas will buy a new one.