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Why do you think it is safe to have a baby or child unrestrained in your lap in an airplane accident? There have been several instances where children have been severely injured or killed because they were not properly restrained during an airline accident.

"Flight attendant Jan Lohr recounts a flight "when sudden and severe turbulence caused two lap children to be hospitalized. They had sustained injuries when they flew over a dozen rows and landed near a bulkhead. Garment bags in an overhead closet subsequently fell on the infants." While working as a flight attendant, Ms. Lohr survived a plane crash caused by an engine explosion that severed all the hydraulic lines on a flight from Denver to Chicago. She recounts what happened to 22-month old Evan, a lap-child who did not survive the impact, in a statement for the NTSB Advocacy Briefing on Child Restraints on Aircraft."

I strongly urge you to do some research before making such claims.