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This is the first article that I have come across about food on board.

My concern is that I am not a child, but 55 years old and I have a tendency to “drop off” for small naps while on board. Then I wake up famished, and need to eat!! This sub lasts me through the entire flight to the USA and is just for when I wake up after a small nap

I used to be able to buy a tuna sub sandwich, before I went through Passport Control, but this is no longer allowed.

At Geneva, I don’t think that they sell sandwiches after passport control and, frankly, I am worried about my blood sugar and blood pressure dropping.

Also, I have been trying to find out what Air France serves to eat while on board. I am hoping for something HOT, but I hear that they have cut back drastically.

Would anyone be kind enough to let me know whether or not “hot foot” is still served on International flights in Economy?

Thank you so, so much in advance for your help.

The article that you wrote is fabulous.

Thank you,


Laura Stegmaier-Bettini